Privacy policy concerning personal data 

Integrity and data protection are important for us at Kojapo Hyr AB 556562-6404 and Kojapo AB 556171-9575. This policy states the purposes and the legal basis for the Companies processing of your personal data when you are in contact with any of these Companies. The policy also states your rights as a data subject. Kojapo Hyr AB and Kojapo AB will hereinafter be referred to as” Kojapo”. We wish to draw your attention to the fact that your personal data only will be processed in the company which you are in contact with. We do not spread personal data between the entities, but we have the same regulation concerning processing of personal data in both entities, hence an integrated policy.

 You shall always be able to feel safe when you leave your own personal data or those of others to us and the purpose of this policy is to explain how we collect and use your personal data.

 We are keen to protect your personal integrity and we process personal data in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. The policy is drawn up in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (hereinafter referred to as the Data Protection Regulation), and applicable national legislation.

 This integrity policy applies to all who in any way use Kojapos’ services or products and/or in any other way is in contact with us. In this policy, Kojapo explains its processing of personal data and the rights you have in accordance with applicable legislation concerning personal data.



Processing: Any operation or set of operations which is performed on personal data, whether or not by automated means. Processing can consist of collection, recording, organisation, structuring, storage, adaption, alteration, retrieval, consultation, use, disclosure, by transmission, dissemination or otherwise making available, alignment or combination, restriction, erasure or destruction.

Personal data: Information which directly or indirectly can be related to a living natural person. Such information is, for example, identification numbers, personal e-mail addresses, phone numbers and so on, but also encrypted data can constitute personal data if they can be linked to a natural person. All information that can identify a natural persons’ physical, physiological, genetic, economic, cultural and/or social identity is personal data. 


Controller: A natural or legal person, public authority, agency or other body which alone or jointly with others determines the purposes and means of the processing of personal data. In this policy the controller is Kojapo AB. 


Data subject: The natural person that is impacted by this policy when we process their personal data in our entities. 



We at Kojapo are the data controller. Personal data can be processed by us or our partners. Our partners are either our data processors or independent data controllers. When our data processors process your personal data, their processing is in accordance with the purposes and means that have been explained in this policy. 

In cases where we are, by way of exception, compelled to leave your personal data to a third party that is not processing your personal data in accordance with Kojapos’ instructions, the third party is an independent controller regarding the processing. This is the case, for example, when your personal data is provided to partners who are not our data processors or to authorities. 



 We process your personal data in order to handle offers, requests, orders, deliveries and sale statistics. 


We also process your personal data in order to handle invoices, manage our payments, enable charges and for marketing purposes in order to provide our newsletter, to the implementation of participation in exhibitions and educations. 


We keep personal data concerning our clients and suppliers in order to maintain good relations and to facilitate our contacts with you. We also save personal data in order to fulfil our legal obligations concerning accounting and other mandatory rules of the law.


 We process personal data that you or your representative submit to us when you or your representative on your behalf, for example, use our services, place an order or we place an order from you, participate in our events, contact us or use our digital channels. 


We also process personal data received from someone other than the data subject. This can be the case when a client has information on a partner, a subcontractor or another who is engaged for our mission with the client and that we need to come into contact within order to fulfil our agreement with the client. This can also be the case when an employee at Kojapo leaves name and contact details to us concerning a close relative. This is to give us, as an employer, someone to contact if an employee does not show up to work or in the event of an accident. 


We collect and store the following information: 


Identification data: Company name, first name and surname of the company’s contact person, title, company registration number. 


Contact details: Company address, delivery address, phone number, e-mail address and website address. 


Invoice details: Invoice address, VAT identification number and delivery address. 


Location data: IP address.




  • The processing is necessary to fulfil our commitments under the agreements with clients or suppliers. 
  • The processing is necessary to fulfil legal obligations to which we are bound, such as our obligation to keep accounts. 
  • The processing is necessary for legitimate purposes concerning ours or third party’s legitimate interests and such processing is not regarded as harmful. 
  • You have given your consent to such processing operations. 



The personal data is stored as long as required to fulfil our agreement with the client, meet our obligations under the Swedish Accounting Act and other peremptory laws, ensure that we have necessary information after the completed assignment in case a client demands a measure due to error in the service. Identification data and contact details are saved under the guarantee period for five (5) years and up to the ten (10) year liability period. 

Personal data is erased or anonymised when they are no longer relevant for the purposes for which they have been collected. Personal data that has been collected for marketing purposes is erased at latest two (2) years after the collection if the client, following a request, has not given their consent to further processing. 



Kojapo only provides data to third parties, i.e. someone outside of Kojapos’ organisation which is an independent legal person and acts as an independent legal person, when necessary to provide our services or to fulfil our commitments towards, for example, authorities in the public sector. Third parties are e.g. one of our hired subcontractors. 

Furthermore, your personal data can be disclosed to Kojapos’ IT service suppliers. This means that your personal data can be sent outside of the EU/EEA. Our service provider HubSpot Inc can in some cases store your personal data on servers in the USA. If this is the case, we have ensured that your personal data is handled in a secure manner through a personal data processing agreement with HubSpot Inc, in which it is stated that we have taken specified safety measures. If we use other service providers that are transmitting your personal data to countries outside of the EU and EEA we will take measures to protect your personal data in accordance with applicable mandatory rules of the law, for example by demanding guarantees that the supplier protects the data in accordance with applicable data protection rules. Contact us if you want to know more about our safeguard measures. 

Personal data can also be disclosed pursuant to law, regulation, order or official decision.


Request for an extract from the register

 You have the right to, at any time, request information on the personal data we have about you (an extract from the register). If you request this more than once in each calendar year, we will charge you an administrative fee to provide the information. 


A request for an extract from the register is handled by Kojapo. We answer your requests without undue delay and within one (1) month. If we for any reason cannot fulfil your wishes, a justification will be provided, and we will inform you on how long we will need to answer your request. 


Your extract from the register will be sent to your registered address or to the e-mail address you left in connection with the start of the processing activities. 


Request for rectification, alteration and erasure If your data is inaccurate, incomplete or irrelevant, you are entitled to request to have them rectified, altered or erased.


 Withdraw a consent If we process your personal data based on the legal basis consent, you have the right to withdraw your consent at any time regarding future processing. 


Objecting to processing You have the right to object to processing based on the legal ground weighing of interests, i.e. where we have set a legitimate interest as basis for the processing. 


Data portability If you wish to transmit the personal data that you have shared with us to someone else, you have the right to receive a copy of the personal data concerning you in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format. 


Restriction of processing You can also have the right to request that the processing of your personal data is restricted when possible. However, if you request such restriction of the processing, it may lead to us not being able to fulfil our commitments toward you during the ongoing restriction. 


The right to lodge a complaint

 We ask you to contact us at if you are dissatisfied with the way we treat your personal data.


You also have the right to lodge complaints to the Swedish Data Protection Authority. 


How is your personal data protected? 

We use IT systems to protect the confidentiality, integrity and access to customer contact details. We have SSL encryption on the website so that you as a customer can feel safe. 


In our organisation, it is only the people that need to process your personal data in order for us to fulfil our commitment toward you as a client who has access to the data.


Cookies are text files stored in the computer (in the web browser), tablet or mobile phone of those who visit Kojapos’ website. When the visitors’ web browser connects with the same web server again, the visitors’ web browser sends back a copy of the cookie. This way, our website can be adapted to your previous activities on our website. 


You can always change the settings in your web browser in order to e.g. adjust if a request always shall appear when a cookie is about to be stored in the computer, which enables you to actively accept our cookies or decline them. When visiting our website, you have the chance to actively accept our use of cookies or refuse this use. 


In this section, we will only address how our website works when it comes to cookies containing personal data. 


We use so-called third-party cookies. 


Third party cookies are data files that origin from someone else than the one responsible for the website. These cookies are relatively sensitive from an integrity perspective since they contain information that can be traced back to you as a natural person (i.e. personal data). We hire a communication agency that sends out third party cookies to keep statistics and map out your browsing habits. This way, advertisements can be matched in accordance with your interests. When you visit other websites with the same ad as our communication agency provides, a copy of the third-party cookie will be sent from your web browser to the web server in the ad. Consequently, your browsing habits can be mapped out on all websites using the same ad service or statistical service. These third-party cookies remain in your web browser up to 24 months.


If you choose to decline or erase cookies from Kojapos’ website, it might affect your experience of the website and may lead to some features not functioning properly. 



Questions about this privacy policy can be sent to Kojapo by e-mail or by post. 


Request for extracts or alterations of personal data shall be by post. 


If you are registered at Kojapo Hyr AB, please contact: 


Kojapo Hyr AB 

Smärgelvägen 17 

142 50 Skogås 

Telephone: 08–4474340 E-mail: 

If you are registered at Kojapo AB, please contact: 


Kojapo AB 

Smärgelvägen 17

142 50 Skogås

Telephone: 08-4474340 


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